Kampala Serena– CYH boys are in the house!

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Later in my trip last month, and with approval from the management of Serena Kampala Hotel, we were able to treat all the boys to an afternoon of swimming at the hotel’s luxurious pool. For street boys who are typically thought of as being at the bottom of society, it meant a lot to the boys and their self-esteem to be welcomed at a setting such as the Serena, which is widely viewed as the top hotel in the country and where the privileged go to dine and socialize. The boys left the hotel with lots of good memories, pictures taken and posted pics on their social media. Rique, a former street boy himself, said “Personally, I have always dreamed of a day like this.” After swimming, Godwin (tutor; pastor) lead the boys and staff in an hour of fellowship next to the pool. It was interesting to observe the hotel staff around the pool—at first they looked at the boys suspiciously and with concern, like the boys didn’t belong or that they were concerned the boys would soon cause trouble; but soon enough they relaxed and could see that all was under control. Our boys were indeed well behaved and simply enjoying themselves. By the end of the day, one of the hotel employees thanked us for the work we are doing with the boys and was impressed at how well behaved the boys were.