CYH protects against COVID19

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As every nation around the world has been impacted by the pandemic, so to has Uganda, and thus of course CYH. Uganda quickly locked down the nation 3 weeks ago and took aggressive action to limit the spread of the disease. So far it has experienced <60 confirmed cases.  Prior to the lockdown, CYH prepared by establishing its own isolation and social distancing policies, consistent with national guidelines, and stock piles food and supplies for the boys and caregivers to survive on for up to 2 months of isolation. Reunification activities have been suspended until the national lockdown is removed and local travel becomes feasible.  All our staff ask for your prayers and moral support as we fight to survive this challenge, and we pray for the safety and well-being for all of our supports, and the people of Uganda and around the world more generally.  Together we will get through this pandemic and be stronger for it.