Purpose and Objectives


The formation of Covenant Youth Home draws from the following aspects of our responsibility as a community and nation to the welfare and development of all children, but most especially those who are left without the support of their family:

In exercising our social responsibility to vulnerable children, especially street children and including orphans, victims of human trafficking and those affected by HIV/AIDS who are homeless, and who are in dire need of help and support for their safety, health and education—all of which is consistent with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 2015/2030 for targeting Poverty, Hunger, Health and Quality Education among others;

Awareness that street children is the category of children who are most subjected to the worst forms of child labor and human rights abuses and also recollecting on the consequences of child labor and abuse in society/community and the economy;

Cognizant of the existing and relevant applicable laws, especially the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda that guarantees children’s rights, safety and education and freedoms, that support initiatives to improve the conditions of street children so that they may grow and develop into responsible citizens and contribute to the welfare of their family, community and nation;

Noting that the responsibility of caring and developing children is through best practices including human rights, education, and provision of safety and health, which requires a multifaceted approach and is the responsibility of all people;


To address this responsibility, Covenant Youth Home and its members strive to accomplish the following objectives in support of children living on the street:

  1. To rescue street children from streets within and around Kampala City (Kampala Metropolitan area), including those living with HIV and/or who are victims of human trafficking;
  2. To identify the parents/guardians of the street children and where available and appropriate facilitate their re-union;
  3. To fill the role of a guardian for street children through provision of safe housing, psychological, legal, humanitarian and medical support;
  4. To provide support for vocational, formal education and talent development amongst street children;
  5. To carry out research and advocacy related to street children;
  6. To network with individuals, organizations and institutions whose concern and interests are with and for the vision and objectives of the organization.