2017 brings exciting new beginnings!

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CYH has started 2017 in style! On December 29, the organization successfully completed it’s registration and received government approval to operate as a home for children. And as of January 1, we entered into a lease with a new, larger residence compound that you can view in the pics attached. We had to leave our prior location because the landlord was unhappy with “street kids” living in their facility, and started harassing the boys and further stigmatizing them. The new location is much larger and provides greater security and room for growth. The new location is in the same community that we had previously been in, which is important as we have been cultivating relationships with community members and leaders in support of our program. The stigma of being a “street kid” is something our boys carry with them, as Ugandans view street kids as being thieves, criminals and dangerous. Our boys have basically had only the clothes that are on their backs, and dirty, ratty clothes are what can lead outsiders to perceive them to be “street kids” even though they no longer are. With this background, it was exciting to finally be able to purchase used clothing for each boy. For just $50 per boy, we were able to purchase 5 t-shirts, 5 dress shirts, 6 trousers, 2 pairs of sandals, 2 belts, one pair of shoes and 2 pairs of underwear for each boy!